Another of Stockholm's lovely green pleasure gardens, Haga Park also happens to have a royal pedigree. Begun by Gustav III, it is Sweden's purest version of an 'English park', and the surrounding area contains three royal palaces. Crowning the hilltop is the peculiar Koppartälten, built in 1787 as barracks for Gustav III’s personal guard. It now contains a cafe and a restaurant, as well as Haga Parkmuseum. Catch buses to Haga at Odenplan or Sergels torg.

Also in the park, Gustav III’s Paviljong is a superb example of late-neoclassical style; the furnishings and decor reflect Gustav III’s interest in all things Roman after his Italian tour in 1782.

The steamy Fjärilshuset recreates a tropical environment, complete with free-flying birds and butterflies and some very friendly fish. It’s a fascinating and lovely place any time of year, but it’s an especially delightful retreat on a cold winter day.