View of Gamla Stan in Stockholm.

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Stockholmers call their city 'beauty on water'. But despite the well-preserved historic core, Stockholm is no museum piece: it's modern, dynamic and ever-evolving.


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Best Neighborhoods

Stockholm's a capital city with huge aesthetic appeal. Use our guide to the city's best neighborhoods to work out where you’d most like to spend your time.

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Day Trips

With country palaces, windswept islets, and evidence of Viking culture, the greater Stockholm area has a wealth of fantastic day trip destinations.

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Money and Costs

Although it has a reputation for being expensive, there are many low-cost things to do in Stockholm. Here are the city's best budget and free experiences.

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Getting around Stockholm is a breeze with its compact size and reliable public transport. Here's our guide to the best way to navigate the Swedish capital.

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Postcard from Stockholm: A local's favorite spots in town

Dec 20, 2022 • 3 min read

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