Trelleborgs Museum


Just east of the town centre, this museum covers a wide range of themes, including a 700-year-old settlement discovered nearby.

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Nearby Skåne attractions

1. Axel Ebbe Konsthall

0.51 MILES

By the town park, Axel Ebbe Konsthall features nude sculptures by Scanian Axel Ebbe (1868–1941). For a preview, check out the fountain Sjöormen (literally…

2. Trelleborgen

1.11 MILES

Trelleborgen is a 9th-century Viking ring fortress, discovered in 1988 off Bryggaregatan (just west of the town centre). A quarter of the palisaded fort…

4. Smygehuk Fyr


West of the harbour, scramble to the top of the now-defunct 19th-century lighthouse (17m), and visit the tiny maritime museum inside Captain Brinck’s…

5. Bärnstensmuseum

7.69 MILES

There's something a little macabre about this unique museum, which shows ancient insects trapped in sticky resin from 40 million years ago, forever…

6. Coign of Vantage

7.79 MILES

This signpost marks Swedens southernmost point: latitude 55° 20’ 3”.

7. Köpmansmagasinet

7.85 MILES

A renovated 19th-century warehouse east of the harbour, with local exhibitions of handicrafts and art (for sale). There's a small café inside.

8. Kalkugnarna i Smygehamn

8.08 MILES

This huge 19th-century kiln near ​Köpmansmagasinet gallery recalls the bygone lime industry; it smoked its last in 1954.