Recreated Viking Age settlement at Foteviken Museum.

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Fotevikens Museum

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If you mourn the passing of big hairy men in longboats, find solace at the fascinating Foteviken Viking Reserve, an evocative ‘living’ reconstruction of a late–Viking Age village. Around 22 authentic reconstructions of houses with reed or turf roofs have been built, near the site of the Battle of Foteviken (1134). Amazingly, the reserve’s residents live as the Vikings did, eschewing most modern conveniences and adhering to old traditions, laws and religions – even after the last tourist has left.

The houses you see belong to various tradespeople, like the town’s jarl (commander of the armed forces), juror and scribe; and the chieftain, whose home has wooden floorboards, fleeces and a Battle of Foteviken tapestry. There’s even a shield-lined great hall (the Thinghöll), a lethally powerful war catapult, and nifty Viking-made handicrafts to buy. Viking Week is usually held in late June, and culminates in a Viking market, complete with agile warriors in training.

The Viking Reserve is located about 700m north of Höllviken.

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