Lund University


Lund University is ranked as one of the world's top 100 universities and is one of Europe's oldest institutions for education. It's buildings are scattered about the city making it largely 'barrier-free' with the lines between campus and Lund's old town delightfully blurred.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Lund attractions

1. Skissernas Museum


The exhibition rooms here, with their visual feast of paintings and sculpture, are designed for maximum impact and art immersion. Several sculptures and…

2. Universitetshuset

0.15 MILES

The main university building, topped by four sphinxes representing the original faculties, looks a little bit like the White House. It's often…

3. Kulturen

0.23 MILES

Dating from 1892, this huge open-air museum spans two whole blocks. Its 30-odd buildings include everything from the meanest birch-bark hovel to grand…

4. Historiska Museet

0.24 MILES

Behind the cathedral, the Historiska Museet has a large collection of pre–Viking Age finds, including a 7000-year-old skeleton. It’s joined with…

5. Lunds domkyrka

0.26 MILES

Lund’s twin-towered Romanesque cathedral is magnificent. Try to pop in at noon or 3pm (1pm and 3pm on Sunday) when the marvellous astronomical clock…

6. Apoteket Svanen


Opposite Lund Tourist Center, this little pharmacy – still operating today – is one of the oldest in Sweden. Pop in to look at its beautiful historic…

7. Lundskonsthall


This contemporary art space has cutting-edge exhibitions, including Tate Modern–style installations and other forms of creative art.

8. Drottens kyrkoruin

0.41 MILES

Subterranean Drottens kyrkoruin contains the foundations of an 11th-century church, as well as a grisly collection of skeletons that build a picture of…