Rättviks Gammelgård

Lake Siljan

You can get your open-air-museum fix at Rättviks gammelgård, 500m north of the kyrka – it’s a collection of buildings that were moved here during the 1920s from villages around Rättvik parish (the oldest is from the 1300s). There’s a good collection of furniture painted in the local style, and a unique 'ullkorgen' (wool bin) from the 1200s. The grounds are always open for exploring, but the cafe and building interiors are summer-only.

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1. Rättviks Kyrka

0.31 MILES

The 13th-century church has 87 well-preserved church stables, the oldest dating from 1470. The pseudo-rune memorial beside the church commemorates the…

2. Långbryggan

1.02 MILES

Scandinavia’s longest wooden pier, the impressive 628m Långbryggan, runs out into the lake from just behind the train station.

3. Rättviks Kulturhus

1.32 MILES

This local museum complex houses the Rättviks bibliotek (library), art exhibitions and a display describing the Siljan meteor impact. The helpful staff go…

4. Vidablick Utsiktstorn

2.37 MILES

An enterprising 17-year-old built Vidablick Utsiktstorn, a viewing tower about 5km southeast of town, from where there are great panoramas of the lake. On…

5. Naturum Dalarna

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This visitor centre and nature park, 16km northwest of Leksand, has information about the meteor that hit several million years ago and local flora and…

6. Japanska Parken

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In recognition of the town's sister-city-hood with Tobetsu, Japan, you'll find this lovely (and authentic) Japanese garden by the shores of Lake Siljan…

7. Munthe’s Hildasholm

11.77 MILES

Built by Axel Munthe (1857–1949), who served as the Swedish royal physician and wrote the best-selling memoir The Story of San Michele, this sumptuously…

8. Leksands Kyrka

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Leksands Kyrka, with its distinctive onion dome, dates from the early 13th century but has been extensively renovated and enlarged. The church contains…