The home of Swedish artists Carl and Karin Larsson in Sundborn, Sweden.

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Carl Larsson-gården

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Don’t miss Sweden's 'most famous home', located 13km northeast of Falun in the picturesque village of Sundborn. After their deaths, the early-20th-century residence of artist Carl Larsson and his wife Karin was preserved in its entirety by their children, but it’s no gloomy memorial: 'Lilla Hyttnäs' is itself a work of art, full of brightness, humour and love. Admission is by hour-long guided tour: call in advance to book English-language tours or grab an English handbook and follow the Swedes.

Superb colour schemes and furniture fill the house: Carl’s portraits of his wife and children are everywhere, and Karin’s tapestries and embroidery reveal she was as skilled an artist as her husband. Even today, the modern styles throughout the house (especially the dining room) will inspire interior decorators and designers, while the way the family lived, suffused in art and learning, has a message for everyone.

Also worth a look is the Kvarnen ('mill') gallery, which focuses on Karin Larsson and hosts temporary exhibits (adult/child 60/20kr, combined admission with house tour adult/child 200/70kr).

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