With tremendous views, Miramar, 5km north of Valldemossa on the road to Deià, is one of Habsburg Archduke Luis Salvador’s former residences. It's built on the site of a 13th-century monastery, founded by the evangelist and patron saint of Catalan literature, Ramon Llull. Here he wrote many of his works and trained brethren for the task of proselytising among the Muslims. Walk out the back and enjoy the stunning cliff-top view.

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1. Son Marroig

1.04 MILES

Seven kilometres from Valldemossa is one of Habsburg Archduke Ludwig Salvator's residences. This delightful, rambling mansion is jammed with furniture and…

2. Sa Foradada

1.18 MILES

At Son Marroig, ask permission to wander down to this strange hole-in-the-wall rock formation by the water, which resembles an elephant from afar. It's a…

3. Es Puig

1.69 MILES

From Es Puig, the hill at the heart of Deià, you peer across the rooftops of the higgledy-piggledy village and take in the full sweep of the valley to the…

4. Casa Robert Graves

1.86 MILES

Casa Robert Graves is a fascinating tribute to the British writer and poet who moved to Deià in 1929 and had his house built here three years later. It's…

5. Cala de Deià

1.93 MILES

A 3km drive from Deià (take the road towards Sóller), or a slightly shorter walk, is Cala de Deià, one of the most bewitching of the Serra de Tramuntana’s…

6. Costa Nord

1.97 MILES

The brainchild of part-time Valldemossa resident and Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, Costa Nord describes itself as a 'cultural centre' and begins well…

7. Casa Natal de Santa Catalina Thomàs

2.03 MILES

The Casa Natal de Santa Catalina Thomàs, birthplace of St Catherine Thomas, is tucked off to the side of the parish church, the Església de Sant Bartomeu,…

8. Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

2.07 MILES

This grand old monastery and former royal residence has a chequered history. It was once home to kings, monks and a pair of 19th-century celebrities:…