Museo Agrícola El Patio


Inhabited until the mid-20th century, this open-air museum recreates a 19th-century farmer’s house (complete with wine cellar), providing good insight into traditional aspects of the island’s culture. You’ll see loads of old agricultural equipment, typical pottery, a windmill, a cactus garden, a tiny chapel and the odd camel, donkey or chicken. The finca still produces its own malvasía wines, which you're free to sample.

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1. Casa-Museo del Campesino

2.98 MILES

Just 2km north of San Bartolomé rises the modernistic Monumento al Campesino (Peasants’ Monument), created in 1968 by (surprise, surprise) César Manrique…

2. Bodegas La Florida

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Taste up to six wines at this beautifully restored farmhouse, dating back 150 years, where a 270-year-old drago (dragon tree) overlooks the vines. No…

3. Bodega Los Bermejos

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Hidden away 3km southwest of the Monumento al Campesino, this forward-thinking bodega produces fine wines from malvasía, muscatel and listán grapes,…

4. El Grifo


Founded in 1775, El Grifo is the oldest winery in the Canaries and also one of Spain's most ancient, its distinctive logo designed by Manrique himself…

5. Museo del Tanit

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Set in an 18th-century bodega (one of the first in the San Bartolomé area), this rambling private ethnographic collection covers just about every aspect…

6. Convento de Santo Domingo

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The rotating exhibitions of local contemporary art hosted by Teguise's town hall contrast wonderfully with the stark 17th-century monastery it occupies.

7. Casa del Timple

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Within the historical walls of the graceful 18th-century Palacio Spínola, this entertaining museum is dedicated to the timple, a traditional Canarian…