Casa Museo Antonio Padrón

Gran Canaria

Locals are justifiably proud of native son Antonio Padrón who, in the 1960s, was just starting to gain serious recognition in the European art world when he tragically died of an allergic reaction to penicillin at just 48 years old. The museum is located at the artist’s former studio. His paintings are wonderfully colourful and distinctive, many inspired by the geometric motifs of the Guanches. A combination €6 ticket is available that includes the Cueva Pintada Museum, and the Casa-Museo Tomás Morales in Moya.

Downstairs are paintings by Padrón, a small garden, and pieces by Canarian artists Plácido Fleitas, César Manrique, José Jorge Oramas, Felo Monzón and Santiago Santana. Finishing off the museum is Antonio Padrón's studio upstairs, complete with art works on easels, paint-splattered rags and tubes of paint and brushes, looking as if the artist has just popped out for a smoke.

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