Playa de Gran Tarajal

Gran Tarajal

With the pronounced rocky bulk of the headland to the east and the port and marina to the west, this attractive 800m-long beach is well sheltered and good for swimming.

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Nearby Gran Tarajal attractions

1. Oasis Park

8.66 MILES

If you don’t object to zoos, expansive (and expensive) Oasis Park in La Lajita has mammals, birds and sea life, plus shows and camel rides. Here you can…

2. Poblado de La Atalayita

9.59 MILES

This archaeological site is a pre-Hispanic settlement dating to the time of the Mahos. It's accompanied by a small, well-built and sunken information…

3. Los Molinos Centro de Interpretación

9.81 MILES

This attractive windmill has a small information centre with all you could possibly want to know about windmills; there’s also a free guide in English…

4. Mirador Astronómico de Sicasumbre

10.11 MILES

If you want just one place to put the island's primordial, barren geology and Martian features into wide-angle perspective, this mirador has breathtaking…

5. Playa Pozo Negro

10.79 MILES

This quiet black-sand beach is the main draw, with its fine sand and gorgeous views.

6. Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla

11.03 MILES

The unique 17th-century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla has an Aztec-inspired exterior with its animal motifs. The simple retables behind the altar…

7. Museo de la Sal

14.04 MILES

Just south of Caleta, this museum has audiovisual displays that explain the history of salt and demonstrate how it is extracted from the sea. It's perched…

8. Playa de la Barca

14.43 MILES

The beach that most people visualise when they think of Sotavento is Playa de la Barca. Signposted from the FV-2, 2.5km south of Costa Calma, this is the…