Basílica de Santa María del Conceyu


If you find it open, the town’s main, mostly Gothic church, built between the 13th and 15th centuries, is worth a quick inspection.

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1. Cubos de la Memoria

0.29 MILES

Strewn alongside the far end of Llanes’ pier like a set of children’s toy blocks are the rainbow-coloured Cubes of Memory, Basque painter Agustín Ibarrola…

2. Playa de Toró


Of Llanes’ three town beaches, Playa de Toró, to the east, is easily the prettiest. Its limpid waters are dotted with jutting pillars of rock.

3. Playa Ballota

2.13 MILES

A particularly attractive 350m-long beach 4.5km east of Llanes, hemmed in by green cliffs and with a rocky islet out front. It's signposted down a dirt…

4. Bufones de Arenillas

3.44 MILES

The Bufones de Arenillas are a dozen geyser-style jets of seawater, pumped up through rock cavities by the pressure of the tides – with heavy seas, some…

5. Playa de Toranda

4.51 MILES

About 8km west of Llanes, the 250m-long sands of Playa de Toranda are backed by green fields and a forested headland. Snorkellers should see a good…

6. Playa de Torimbia

5.14 MILES

A beautiful, gold-blonde crescent bounded by rocky headlands and a bowl of green hills, 9km west of Llanes, Torimbia is truly spectacular. Turn off the…

7. Playa de San Antolín

6.04 MILES

About 12km west of Llanes, Playa de San Antolín is a vast, unprotected beach where surfers might pick up the odd wave.

8. Playa de Gulpiyuri

6.88 MILES

This 50m-long strand framed by cliffs and greenery is 100m away from the sea! You can hear waves sloshing through tunnels to reach its gold-toned sands…