Fuente de los Caños de San Francisco


Tucked into a corner just off the southwestern side of the main Plaza de España, this small, 17th-century fountain features six stone-carved human heads as spouts.

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1. Centro Niemeyer

0.31 MILES

This multifaceted international cultural centre, founded in 2011 on once-industrial land just across the river from the city centre, was designed by…

2. Playa de Aguilar

9.74 MILES

The nearest beach to Cudillero is the fine, sandy Playa de Aguilar, which is 5km east on the AS317 from El Pito to Muros de Nalón. Immediately east and…

3. Villa Romana de Veranes

9.83 MILES

About 12km southwest of Gijón lie the excavated remains of this 4th-century Roman villa. The main building was transformed into a church in the Middle…

4. Quinta de Selgas

10.86 MILES

This gorgeous 1880s mansion opens to visitors for about three months in some summers (recently, every one or two years). If you're here at the right time,…

5. Mirador de La Garita-Atalaya

11.17 MILES

A tangle of narrow, sloping, twisting streets threads up to this battered lookout point perched high above the harbour. Up top, riveting views extend…

6. Monumento al Sagrado Corazón

12.12 MILES

This 30m-high, 1981 stone sculpture of Christ, adorned with a large copy of Asturias’ Cruz de la Victoria (Cross of Victory), crowns Oviedo’s Monte…

7. Iglesia de San Miguel de Lillo

12.36 MILES

A gem of Asturian pre-Romanesque architecture, this noble remnant of a 9th-century church perches peacefully on the slopes of Monte Naranco, 3.5km…

8. Acuario

12.4 MILES

About 1.5km west from the Cimadevilla area, Gijón’s singular aquarium houses around 4000 specimens, from otters and penguins to sharks and starfish, in 12…