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Zaragoza olive oil tour & Visit to Belchite town

ITINERARY On this tour I will take you out to the Zaragoza countryside to a traditional olive orchard and then to the historical village of Belchite. MORE ABOUT THE TOUR Join me on an exciting escape to the Zaragoza countryside! First, I will take you to one of my favorite traditional olive orchards where you will meet the producer and learn about the history of olive oil production in Spain. We'll tour the grounds, visiting the centenary olive trees, and indulge in a tasting of an oil made of the local Empeltre olive. Next, we'll continue on our journey to the ancient village of Belchite, which today serves as a memorial for the Spanish Civil War. Some of my favorite movies were shot in this remarkable ghost town, including Guillermo del Toro's famous Pan's Labyrinth. For lunch we'll go to my favorite restaurant in the region and indulge in some typical Spanish dishes. I'll share with you my experiences in Zaragoza and suggest fun activities for the rest of your trip!

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Zaragoza Wine tasting and tapas in the ancient city

Itinerary  Meet guide at Cesar Augusto Monument  Guided walkingn tour of Zaragoza historical center  4 stops at gourmet shops with wine tastings of local wines & tapas  Culinary & cultural talks with local guide about Zaragoza  This culinary and cultural experience in Zaragoza is desinged by me to show visitors the influences from the city's surrounding Northern and Eastern Mediterranean neighbors. Zaragoza is located in the region of Aragon, which has 4 Denominación of Origén (DO) certified wine regions. These provinces are Somotano, Calatayud, Campo de Borja and Cariñena. With me, you will have the chance to taste wine from each of these DO provinces and learn how to properly compare the different flavors and aromas of each wine during the guided tastings.  Somotano in Latin means "beneath the moutians" which describes exactly the geographical location of the province. Here, black and white grape varieties ar grown in over 4,000 hectares of land. The second province is Calatayud, which is most popular for it's Garnacha grapes, ecompassing roughly one-third of the provinces grape agriculture. Third, is the province of Cariñena, know for producing young wines with excellent balance of acidic and fruity flavors. Lastly, the fourth DO province is Campo de Borja, which produces a unique white wine made from 100 percent Macabeo grapes.  Each tasting will take place in a gourmet shop where I will gice you expert guidance. Tapas will also be included, featuring Aragonese cuisine, like local products such as cheeses and Teural ham!

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Paddle surf between mountains and castle of Arenoso with typical local meal

We will enjoy this trip doing Paddle Surf through the calmed waters of a valley situated in the Alto Mijares region (Montanejos). Spend a day surrounded by an spectacular tree mass with species such as Melojo, Valencian oak or yew, as well as the characteristic Mediterranean pine.If you love animals, we must say that during this excursion, we will find large raptors and mammals like the Golden eagle, cabra Montesa, the Roe deer and the Wild cat. But this trip not only has attractions for animal lovers, but also hides buildings and spots of historical-cultural interests such as the Castle of Arenoso or the Viñaza. This last one used to be an old farmhouse formed by agricultural terraces which extend to the marsh. Take the chance to navigate over the village, which flooded during the 70s, Campos de Arenoso. To sum up, the perfect mix between sports, environmental care and historical issues.The castle was won by King James I of Aragón as a reward for Muslims. It was granted to the Lord of Arenoso and his descendants, until it was dismantled by the troops of Juan II of Aragón. Two hundred years later, it was positioned in favour of Enrique IV of Castilla and subsequently suffered several damages during the Carlist war (1833 - 1840) and the Spanish Civil war (1936 - 1939).Now a days, this castle is quite damaged. Two buildings can be clearly seen, with islamic and christian remains. The superior compound is found at the centre of the hill, on top of a rocky platform which have been adapted with masonry to give it a rectagular shape. In this space, we can find a couple of towers; a semicircular one with arrow-holes and a squared tower, made of masonry and ashlar. Walking down the hill there is the second compound, next to the rocky platform. A squared-based tower stands out, this is the one which is best preserved, with battlements with southeastern orientation. There are two cisterns and a curtain wall with battlements too, built in mudwall. Walking towards the fort, as we ascend the promontory, we can observe some remains from the walls and several towers. At the end of the path, the entry gate rose, this was demolished in order to construct the chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles of the 14th century, located at the side of the hill.

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Full day tour to Quéribus, Cucugnan and Peyrepertuse castles. From Carcassonne.

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Chateau de Queribus, Cucugnan, Aude, OccitanieWe depart in the morning to visit these two amazing ruined castles…. We start with Quéribus Castle, also called citadelle du vertige, which, as it's name suggests will offer you a wonderful view, literally breathtaking. During the Cathar crusade, Queribus served as a shelter to the cathars. This is sometimes regarded as the last cathar stronghold, in a sense it was. After the fall of the chateau of Montsegur in 1244 surviving cathars gathered together in the corbieres in another mountain top stronghold on the border of Aragon (the present border between the Aude and the Pyrenees Orientals department) Queribus is high and isolated, it stands on the top of the highest peak for miles around. From a distance it can be seen on the horizon, sticking up into the sky. We take lunch in the pretty village of Cucugnan. After lunch, take the time to stroll through the medieval streets of this picturesque village and go to the windmill where you will be surrounded by vineyards. According to the old mill at the top of the village, the story goes that The baker of Cucugnan, together with the co-operation of local farmers was master of bread production, using the now abandoned wheat variety known as the Bearded Roussillon.Duration: 4 hoursStop At: Chateau de Peyrepertuse, Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse, Aude, Occitanie We then head onto Peyrepertuse Castle, a ruined fortress and one of the Cathar castles. It was associated with the Counts of Barcelona and later the kings of Aragon. The name Peyrepetuse is derived from Peirapertusa, the Occitan word meaning pierced rock. The lower part of the castle was built in a strategic location by the Kings of Aragon in the 11th Century and the higher part by the french King Louis IX later on, after the area was annexed to France. The two castles were linked together by a staircase. The castle lost importance as a strategic castle when the border between France and Spain was moved in 1659, causing the castle to be abandoned. The castle ruins are impressive, set high on a defensive crag. From the approach road it is difficult to see where the rock strops and the castle begins. Duration: 2 hours

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Low Cost Private Transfer From Zaragoza Air Base to Zaragoza City - One Way

Relax and enjoy while your private driver leads you the way to your location in Zaragoza. Don’t worry about any transfer details or specifics as everything will be taken care of. Do not get confused or worried because of language barriers or other problems. Once arrived to the arrival terminal you will find your private driver awaiting you with a sign bearing your name on it. Once you made contact with your driver he will assist and direct you to the vehicle and make sure you arrive to your destination in Zaragoza city in comfort and safety. Enjoy a piece of mind knowing that everything is organised and enjoy the views while passing by the famous La Seo Cathedral or the iconic 12th century Monasterio de Piedra. When you book, please provide us with your flight number and full address of your centrally located destination in Zaragoza. Your transfer will be confirmed instantaneously and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to your private driver.

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Valencia medieval gates & Authentic tapas tour

ITINERARY • Meet local guide at Plaça dels Furs and go inside Torres de Serranos  • Stop at a Oenotheque  • Walk Plaça de Manises to Plaça de la Verge  • Walk Palau de la Generalist to Carrer de Cavallers • Stop at a bodega  • End walking tour at Torres de QuartMORE ABOUT THE TOURTorres de Serranos is the Gothic styled gate on the Northern end of Valencia. It was built over the Roman Via Agusta so people could cross over it to get to Barcelona. Reaching the top of the Torres de Serranos will give you the picturesque view of Valencia every visitor wants on thier travels! The first Aragonese parliament founded by Jacques 1st of Aragon in 1238 was establised in Palau de la Generalitat in 1421 when the Court of Aragon was under the reign of Alphose 5th the Magnamiousmoved in. At this historical site we will admire it's surroundings, focusing on the Plaça de la Verge which portrays the fountian of Turia River, the Gothic Gantry of the Cathedral and the Basilica. Carrer de Cavallers means Knght's Lane and is where King James 1st wanted his knights to live at.