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El Puerto de Santa Maria Old Town Private Walking Tour

El Puerto de Santa Maria grew from the discovery of the Americas and the huge trade that then developed. It’s not a surprise that many of its sailors participated in the discovery and conquest of America; it was in El Puerto that sailor Juan de la Cosa drew, in the year 1500, the first map of the world to include the American continent. This commercial activity attracted a large number of merchants (Cargadores a Indias) who then settled in El Puerto, but it is during the 18th century when the town reached new heights of splendour, and became known as the “Town with a Hundred Palaces”, although it took on its present-day structure in the 20th century, thanks to the wine trade. During our walk, we will discover the historical centre and some of the beautiful; mainly Baroque-style palaces that today still can be admired, like the Reinoso Mendoza Manor House or the Aranibar Palace. Be ready to admire two of the most emblematic buildings of the city, the Castle of San Marcos (10th-14th century), originally and Arabic mosque and currently a beautiful fortress and the Iglesia Mayor Prioral as well as notable examples of civil architecture like La Lonja (the old Market building). As one of the three cities that conform The Sherry Triangle during our way, we will see amazing Cathedral-style Bodegas and we will be able to learn about the various styles of architecture that represent the city’s multilayered past. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique city centre, full of monuments, countless palatial houses and a range of civic and religious buildings that can be explored today. The perfect end of our guided tour will be in one of the traditional Tabernas of El Puerto enjoying a glass of Sherry wine as locals do before lunch.

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