Northern Seoul

The main hall of Changgyeonggung, Myeongjeongjeon was rebuilt in 1616, making it a valuable example of 17th-century Joseon architecture, and the oldest surviving hall of all Seoul's palaces.

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1. Changgyeonggung

0.06 MILES

Originally built in the 15th century by King Sejong for his father, this is one of Seoul's 'five grand palaces'. It backs onto the more impressive…

2. Changdeokgung


The World Heritage–listed Changdeokgung is the most beautiful of Seoul's five main palaces. You must join a one-hour guided tour to look around. English…

3. Huwon

0.25 MILES

Walk through the dense woodland at the rear of the main buildings of Changdeokgung and suddenly you come across a serene glade. The Huwon is a beautiful…

4. Jongmyo

0.29 MILES

Surrounded by dense woodland, the impressive buildings of the Confucian shrine Jongmyo house the spirit tablets of the Joseon kings and queens and some of…

5. Great Greenhouse


On the grounds of Changgyeonggung is this splendid Victorian-stye greenhouse built by the Japanese in 1909.

6. Tteok & Kitchen Utensil Museum

0.31 MILES

For those interested in the local sweet culture, this two-room museum at the Institute of Traditional Korean Food offers displays of rice cakes in…

7. Gonsindang

0.32 MILES

On the right-hand side of the entrance to Jongmyo, the World Heritage–listed Confucian shrine, this building houses the spirit tablets of 83 meritorious…

8. Arario Museum in SPACE

0.33 MILES

Korean business magnate and contemporary-art collector Kam Chang-il has found the perfect home for jewels from his collection at this ivy-clad brick…