This overpass-turned-park is a green space in the heart of the city. About 24,000 plants are grown here, including various types of flowers and trees, all labelled. Seoullo 7017 provides an interesting, airy (though sun-exposed) view of the city centre, its highways and architecture. Cross-country locomotives snake across a web of train tracks, then at night the old Seoul Station glows and the overpass itself is lit up in moody colours.

The overpass was built in 1970, but in 2014 it was deemed unfit for automobiles and the 17m-high road was refitted as a green space for pedestrians based on the High Line in New York. Seoullo (sounding like 'Seoul Road' in English) opened in 2017, giving meaning to the numbers 7017 alongside the original build year.

A handful of cafes and galleries are located along its length and there are sometimes art exhibitions, concerts, and activities for kids, including trampolines. Free day and night walking tours of the park are provided by the Seoul city government; reserve at

Seoullo 7017 can be entered from various points, starting on Toegye-ro at Nomdaemun Market gate 5 (which is also Hoehyeon station, Exit 5), where there is a dedicated information booth with maps. The midpoint entrance is at Seoul Station, Exit 8 and the overpass ends just after Cheongpa-ro.