Temple in Seonunsan Provincial Park

This Zen temple, founded in 577 and last rebuilt in 1720, is nestled among verdant hills. Just behind the temple is a 500-year-old camellia forest (동백 나무 숲) that flowers around the end of April. Beyond, hiking trails go up to outlying hermitage, such as Seoksang-am. Seonun-sa has a great templestay (₩50,000) which includes a 'walking meditation' trip up to the hermitages.

It's a 30-minute hike to Dosol-am hermitage and just beyond is a giant Buddha rock carving dating to the Goryeo dynasty.

From Dosol-am, you can you can climb up to Nakjodae, and then loop back down to the temple, passing the hermitage Chamdang-am. The total hike should take about three hours.