Naejang-sa has an enviable location, in the centre of Naejangsan National Park and encircled by towering peaks. Though the temple dates to AD 636, the buildings seen today are mostly recent reconstructions. There is a hermitage, Wonjeok-am, halfway up the ridge.

A teahouse on the 2nd floor offers respite and green tea.

An easy and picturesque 1.2km walk from Naejang-sa goes through Geumsong valley.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Jeollabuk-do attractions

1. Naejangsan Observation Deck

0.32 MILES

A 300m walk from the top of the cable car in Naejangsan National Park, this pavilion offers stunning views over the surrounding peaks.

2. Wonjeok-am

0.65 MILES

This hermitage, halfway up the ridge in Naejangsan National Park, is part of the Naejang-sa temple complex.

3. Moyang Fortress

11.87 MILES

An impressive structure built in 1453, Moyang Fortress has a 1.6km-long wall surrounding a complex of reconstructed buildings, worth touring if you have a…

4. Gochang Pansori Museum

11.95 MILES

This small museum has memorabilia on the unique solo opera musical form known as pansori. It's not far from the Moyang Fortress entrance.

5. Juknokwon

12.08 MILES

Sandy walking trails wend through this bamboo grove, past pavilions and film locations for Korean dramas. It's one of the area's most popular attractions…

6. Damyang Bamboo Crafts Museum

12.82 MILES

Lightweight and durable, bamboo can be made into pretty much anything – as you'll see at this museum, which is basically a showroom for bamboo products,…

7. Gochang Dolmen Site

14.06 MILES

History buffs will want to stroll the hills surrounding Gochang and ponder the mystery of 440 dolmens, prehistoric tombs from the Bronze and Iron Ages now…

8. May 18th National Cemetery

17.62 MILES

Opened in 1997, this is the final burial place for victims of the May 18 Democratic Uprising of 1980, one of the most tragic incidents in modern Korean…