Changpyeong Slow City


South Korea may have developed at a breakneck speed, but it was also the first Asian country to sign on to the international cittaslow, or 'slow city' movement. One such city – or rather, village – is Samjinae (삼지내마을), with a population of 4105. Wander the dusty lanes, lined with centuries-old stone walls, past homesteads and heritage houses. 'Slow' food and art experience programs, such as cooking classes, tea ceremonies and paper crafts, can be booked in advance.

Samjinae is in the direction of Damyang. Take bus 303 (hourly; 40 minutes, ₩1750) from Daein Gwangjang and get off at Changpyeong Police Station, where you'll see a sign noting the entrance to the village. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Damyang bus terminal (around ₩20,000).

There are a handful of minbak (from ₩50,000) here. The tourist information centre in Gwangju can arrange your stay.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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