Dosol-am Hermitage


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Nearby Jeollabuk-do attractions

1. Buddha Rock Carving

0.13 MILES

Hike up 30 minutes behind Seonun-sa to this giant Buddha rock carving dating to the Goryeo dynasty; the amazing image is carved into the cliff face and is…

2. Lookout

0.18 MILES

Hike here for views over Seonunsan Provincial Park.

3. Seonun-sa

1.34 MILES

This Zen temple, founded in 577 and last rebuilt in 1720, is nestled among verdant hills. Just behind the temple is a 500-year-old camellia forest (동백 나무…

4. Chamdang-am


The oldest hermitage at Seonun-sa is located in the hills behind the temple.

5. Seoksang-am

1.46 MILES

This tiny hermitage in the hills of Seonunsan Provincial Park is part of the temple Seonun-sa.

6. Gochang Dolmen Site

6.11 MILES

History buffs will want to stroll the hills surrounding Gochang and ponder the mystery of 440 dolmens, prehistoric tombs from the Bronze and Iron Ages now…

7. Gochang Pansori Museum

8.51 MILES

This small museum has memorabilia on the unique solo opera musical form known as pansori. It's not far from the Moyang Fortress entrance.

8. Moyang Fortress

8.63 MILES

An impressive structure built in 1453, Moyang Fortress has a 1.6km-long wall surrounding a complex of reconstructed buildings, worth touring if you have a…