Jeonju Hyanggyo


Hyanggyo were neighbourhood schools established by yangban (aristocrats) in the 1500s to prepare their sons for the seowon (Confucian academies), where the students took the all-important government-service exams. This well-preserved and atmospheric example dates to 1603.

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1. Jaman Village

0.17 MILES

Eclectic, colourful murals adorn the walls of this shantytown, on a hill overlooking Jeonju's hanok maeul. It's slowly gentrifying, meaning several spots…

2. Imok-dae

0.18 MILES

This underwhelming monument commemorates one of the ancestors of Joseon dynasty founder Yi Seong-gye. It's located across the bridge from Omok-dae.

3. Omok-dae


On a hill overlooking the entire village is a pavilion where General Yi Seong-gye celebrated a victory over Japanese pirates in 1380, prior to his…

4. Cheongyeonru Gazebo

0.26 MILES

Grab some street food and bring it here for a picnic in this large, public gazebo on the river.

5. Gangam Calligraphy Museum

0.28 MILES

Houses the artwork and art collection of a well-known 20th-century calligrapher, Song Sung-yong (pen name, Gangam).

6. Jeonju Hanok Maeul


This maeul (village) has more than 800 hanok (traditional wooden homes), making it one of the largest such concentrations in the country. Virtually all of…

7. Jeonju Korean Paper Institute

0.33 MILES

See sheets of hanji (handmade paper) being manufactured in this institute, housed in a gloriously atmospheric hanok (traditional wooden home) down an…

8. Traditional Wine Museum

0.39 MILES

Housed in a beautiful hanok (traditional wooden home), this museum has a gosori (traditional still), displays (in Korean) explaining the process of making…