Samseon Bridge

Top choice in Jeollabuk-do

It's only 36m long, but it feels much longer once you reach the middle of this steel-cable bridge shooting up to the sky at a 51-degree angle. A fantastic experience, if you don't look down.

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Nearby Jeollabuk-do attractions

1. Geumgang Bridge

0.02 MILES

This 50m suspension bridge runs between two rocks and stands 81m above a ravine. The bridge is a short walk from the upper-level cable-car station.

2. Donghak-sa

16.89 MILES

Donghak-sa is noteworthy for being one of Korea's few nunneries. Just before the temple, look for the trail that leads you on an easy one-hour trek up to…

3. Gyeryongsan National Park

17.26 MILES

One of Korea's smallest parks, Gyeryongsan means ‘Rooster Dragon Mountain’ because locals thought the mountain resembled a dragon with a rooster’s head…

4. Brother & Sister Pagodas

17.61 MILES

These twin Silla-era pagodas are said to represent the brother and sister who founded the original hermitage at Donghak-sa.

5. Gap-sa

18.47 MILES

Gap-sa's main hall contains three gleaming Buddha statues, while a smaller shrine houses three shamanist deities – Chilseong, Sansin and Dokseong.

6. Deokjin Park

22.09 MILES

Join Korean couples who hire paddle boats in this charming park; particularly nice are the views of lotus lilies in July.

7. Jeonju Hanji Museum

22.66 MILES

Adjacent to a modern-day paper factory, this museum covers the history and processes involved in making hanji (traditional Korean paper) and also shows…

8. Traditional Wine Museum

23.15 MILES

Housed in a beautiful hanok (traditional wooden home), this museum has a gosori (traditional still), displays (in Korean) explaining the process of making…