This mountain fortress covers the forested hill of Buso-san (106m) and once shielded the Baekje capital of Sabi within its walls. Structures such as the Banwollu Pavilion offer lovely views of the surrounding countryside. Sandy paths weave through pine trees past temples and pavilions.

One temple, Samchung-sa, is dedicated to three loyal Baekje court officials, including General Gyebaek. Despite being outnumbered 10 to one, he led his army of 5000 in a last stand against the final Silla and Chinese onslaught in AD 660. The Baekje army dauntlessly repulsed four enemy attacks but was defeated in the fifth – the coup de grâce for the kingdom.

In response, it is said, 3000 court ladies flung themselves off a cliff on the northern side of the fortress into the river Baengma-gang, rather than submit to the conquering armies. The rock where they jumped is now called Nakhwa-am, ‘falling flowers rock’, in their honour.

From Nakhwa-am, there’s a rocky and somewhat steep path down to the tiny temple at the bottom of the cliff, Goran-sa.

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Nearby Chungcheongnam-do attractions

1. Banwollu Pavilion


This pavilion on the grounds of Busosan-seong offers lovely views of the surrounding countryside.

2. Samchung-sa

0.14 MILES

This modest shrine inside Busosan-seong commemorates three Baekje officials. Seong Chun, a royal adviser, died in prison after angering the king. Heung Su…

3. Goran-sa

0.34 MILES

This tiny temple at the bottom of a cliff is reached via stone stairs from Busosan-seong. Behind it is a spring that provided the favourite drinking water…

4. Nakhwa-am

0.36 MILES

A good place to get nice views of the area, it's also part of Buyeo's historical narrative. Nakhwa-am means 'falling flowers rock' and is thought to…

5. King Seong Statue

0.46 MILES

This statue commemorates the king who moved the Baekje Kingdom's capital to Buyeo in AD 538. The king died in AD 554 – along with 30,000 soldiers – in a…

7. Jeongnimsaji

0.63 MILES

All that remains here of the Baekje-era temple Jeongnim-sa is a 8.3m five-storey stone pagoda – though this alone is certainly impressive. There's also a…

8. Buyeo National Museum

0.82 MILES

This museum houses one of the best collections of Baekje artefacts, and has extensive English captions, making it a good place to get a primer on pre…