Deogyusan National Park


This national park is a hiker's playground and home of Deogyusan Muju ski resort. Gucheon-dong, a small tourist village, marks the start of the park’s best hike (two hours, 6km). The trail follows the river and valley past 20 beauty spots to a small temple, Baengnyeon-sa, and finishes with a steep, 1½-hour ascent of Hyangjeok-bong (향적봉; 1614m).

A basic hikers' shelter accommodates trekkers overnight. Yew trees, azaleas and alpine flowers adorn the summit. In the northwest of the park is Jeoksangsan-seong, a fortress rebuilt in the 17th century. Walk around the fortress and you'll come across three gates: north gate, west gate and south gate.

Encircled by an 8km wall is Anguk-sa, a temple housing a Joseon-dynasty archive. While hiking the northwest part of Deogyusan National Park that takes in Jeoksangsan-seong fortress and Anguk-sa, keep your eyes open for the lookout.