Fairies are said to slide down rainbows to bathe in the pools at this small temple. The stone Buddha statue inside the main hall is believed to date from the late Joseon dynasty.

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Nearby Jeollabuk-do attractions

1. Wolhatan Waterfall

0.54 MILES

This waterfall pours over a series of large boulders. There's a small pavilion that provides the best view.

2. Deogyusan National Park

2.29 MILES

This national park is a hiker's playground and home of Deogyusan Muju ski resort. Gucheon-dong, a small tourist village, marks the start of the park’s…

3. Anguk-sa

7.01 MILES

Originally built in 1227, Anguk-sa housed a secret Joseon dynasty archive known as Sagak; later, monk soldiers lived at the temple to protect these…

4. Jeoksangsan-seong

7.16 MILES

Originally built during the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), this fortress served as safety refuge for citizens during wartime. The fortress wall was built…

5. Haein-sa Museum

19.11 MILES

On the approach to the temple, this excellent museum showcases temple treasures like replicas of the scriptures, Buddhist art and other artefacts,…

6. Haein-sa

19.16 MILES

Holding 81,258 woodblock scriptures, making it one of the largest Buddhist libraries of its kind, this Unesco World Heritage–listed temple should be on…

7. Unsu-sa

21.05 MILES

This temple has a Dangun shrine, a centuries-old pear tree and attractive gardens, and you can even bang the big drum. Coming from the southern gate of…

8. Tap-sa

21.27 MILES

This temple has a unique sculptural garden of 80 stone towers or pinnacles that were piled up by a Buddhist mystic, Yi Kapmyong (1860–1957). Up to 15m in…