This palace is home to shrines, storehouses and guardrooms relating to the Confucian rituals once held here. There is also a replica portrait of Yi Seong-gye, the founder of the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910), whose family came from Jeonju. Teeming with antiquity, the palace – originally constructed in 1410 and reconstructed in 1614 – is a popular spot for selfies. You can hire costumes, such as traditional hanbok garments, for period photos. English-language tours are held at 11am and 2pm daily.

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Nearby Jeonju attractions

1. Jeondong Catholic Church

0.17 MILES

The easiest landmark to find around the hanok village is a tall, red-brick church built by French missionary Xavier Baudounet where Korean Catholics were…

2. Jeonju Hanok Maeul

0.17 MILES

This maeul (village) has more than 800 hanok (traditional wooden homes), making it one of the largest such concentrations in the country. Virtually all of…

3. Jeonju Korean Paper Institute


See sheets of hanji (handmade paper) being manufactured in this institute, housed in a gloriously atmospheric hanok (traditional wooden home) down an…

4. Pungnam-mun


This stone-and-wood gateway is all that remains of Jeonju’s fortress wall. First built in 1398 but renovated many times since, it's now the ornate…

5. Traditional Wine Museum

0.23 MILES

Housed in a beautiful hanok (traditional wooden home), this museum has a gosori (traditional still), displays (in Korean) explaining the process of making…

6. Jeonju Gaeksa

0.28 MILES

This rebuilt former government office is a central landmark that lends its name to the surrounding Gaeksa district.

7. Omok-dae

0.28 MILES

On a hill overlooking the entire village is a pavilion where General Yi Seong-gye celebrated a victory over Japanese pirates in 1380, prior to his…

8. Gangam Calligraphy Museum

0.34 MILES

Houses the artwork and art collection of a well-known 20th-century calligrapher, Song Sung-yong (pen name, Gangam).