Glass House


Ando Tadao–designed building housing Mint restaurant.

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Nearby Jeju-do attractions

1. Yumin Art Museum

0.08 MILES

Ando Tadao–designed gallery with site-specific works that aid meditation. The building is angled to frame Seongsan Ilchul-bong. Exhibits art-nouveau glass…

2. Phoenix Island


Coachloads of tourists disgorge at this resort daily to view the scenic location that has been featured in several Korean TV dramas and movies. But the…

3. Seongsan Beach

1.86 MILES

The long stretch of beach between Seongsan-ri and Phoenix Island is a unique contrast of colours – mossy green rocks, black sand and blue waters, all…

4. Seongsan Ilchul-bong

1.94 MILES

This majestic 182m-high, extinct tuff volcano, shaped like a giant punchbowl, is one of Jeju-do's most impressive sights and a Unesco World Heritage site…

5. Ilchul-bong Beach

2.19 MILES

At the eastern base of Seongsan Ilchul-bong, a long staircase leads down to this lovely crescent-shaped cove backed by weather-beaten lava cliff walls and…

6. Udo Lighthouse Park

4.74 MILES

A short drive from Cheonjin Port, expect grassy hills overlooking rugged rock formations, steep steps up to the lighthouse, spectacular views of rural Udo…

7. Hongjodangoe Haebin Beach

5.05 MILES

Gorgeous Hongjodangoe Haebin (sometimes called Coral Sand Beach) has brilliant white coral sand stretching out in a crescent-moon-shaped beach. Located on…

8. Kim Young Gap Gallery Dumoak

6.63 MILES

This countryside gallery is dedicated to Kim Young Gap (1957–2005), a talented, self-taught photographer who documented the landscapes of Jeju. In the…