Jeju Stone Park


Creating a park dedicated to rocks on a rock-littered island might sound a snooze, but you’ll quickly reassess that opinion after touring this beguiling sculpture park. Three walking trails (between 560m and 970m in length) snake past outdoor exhibits, ranging from replicas of the original 47 dolharubang (grandfather rocks) to an enchanting forest with hundreds of dongjasok (pairs of stone tomb guardians).

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1. Sangumburi

3.12 MILES

Sangumburi is an impressive volcanic crater in the central east of Jeju-do. About 350m in diameter and 100m deep, it only takes a few minutes to walk up…

2. Jeju April 3 Peace Park

3.36 MILES

Thoughtful and evocative, this museum chronicles the events that led up to and followed the ‘April 3 Incident’ – a series of island massacres between 1947…

3. Saryeoni Forest


On the eastern border of Hallasan National Park, this is a popular weekend walking destination with 15km of forest paths shaded by maples, oaks and cedars…

4. Samyang Beach

6.38 MILES

The first beach east along Hwy 1132 from Jeju-si is Samyang, which is jet black when wet. In summer join the locals and bury yourself in the iron-rich…

5. Jeju City Hall

7.81 MILES

Apart from some murals on the exterior of Jeju-si's City Hall, it is unremarkable and referred to mostly as a landmark. Many local buses converge at the…

6. Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum

8.01 MILES

Wide-ranging eco-museum with exhibits on Jeju-do’s varied geological features, including volcanic bombs, lava tubes and trace fossils. Other highlights…

7. Manjang-gul

8.21 MILES

Manjang-gul is the main access point to the world’s longest system of lava-tube caves. In total the caves are 7.4km long, with heights between 2m and 23m…