Sharp cliffs and crashing waves on dramatic rock formations make this a worthwhile journey. At low tide, walk across the land bridge and climb to the lighthouse. Some accomodation is available on the island.

The ferry (return ₩16,050, 1½ hours) departs Gangguan at 7am, 11am and 2.30pm.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Gyeongsangnam-do attractions

1. Bijindo

8.12 MILES

Bijindo is actually two islands joined together by a sand bridge, which makes for some outstanding photography. It's a popular getaway destination for…

2. Haegeumgang

10.21 MILES

Haegeumgang, a collection of breathtaking rocky islets and a jagged coastline, forms part of the Hallyeo Maritime National Park – famous for life…

3. Yeonhwado

11.21 MILES

Peaceful and remote, Yeonhwado is a small island ideal for three-hour hikes. From the ferry (return ₩18,400, one hour, departs 6.30am, 9.30am,11am, 1pm…

4. Hakdong Mongdol Beach

11.46 MILES

The black-pebble beach in Hakdong is a cosy destination for family outings and romantic getaways, about 30 minutes by car from Geoje-si. Summer crowds…

5. Oedo Botania

13.53 MILES

Geojedo's busiest tourist attraction is a tiny island-sized botanical garden 4km off the coast. It’s popular with Korean travellers, but unless you…

6. Hallyeosudo Cable Car

15.51 MILES

Stretching out 1975m, this is Korea’s longest cable-car ride. Near the top of Mireuk-san (461m), the view of Hallyeo Maritime National Park is dramatic…

7. Nammang-san

16.29 MILES

Set aside an hour or more to enjoy the views atop this mountain beside Gangguan harbour. On the way up, you'll pass a modest sculpture park with 15 pieces…

8. Undersea Tunnel

16.4 MILES

The journey to the Undersea Tunnel is more interesting than the sight itself. Constructed in the early 1930s, the 483m-long tunnel connects both sides of…