Gyeongju National Park – Sogeumgang District


Gyeongju National Park is South Korea's sole historical national park and is divided into several sections in and around the city of Gyeongju. This section of the park is to the east of Gyeongju city centre.

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2. Hwangnyong-sa Site

1.42 MILES

The ruins of this simply vast 6th century temple are a sad and desolate spectacle: once the nation's largest Buddhist temple, its standout feature was a…

3. Bunhwang-sa

1.44 MILES

This large pagoda was built in the mid-7th century during Queen Seondeok’s reign, making it the oldest datable pagoda in Korea. It’s a rare example of one…

4. Anapji Pond

1.86 MILES

This is a very popular spot for couples to take pre-wedding photos, especially from June to early August when magnificent lotus blossoms seem to fill the…

5. Lake Bomun Resort

1.87 MILES

Bomun is a tourist district around an artificial lake 5km east of central Gyeongju. Tradition-seekers will find the tandem bikes, paddle boats, conference…

6. Banwol-seong

2.05 MILES

A few minutes’ walk south through the trees from Cheomseongdae, Banwol-seong is the site of a once-fabled fortress. Now it’s attractive parkland, where…

7. Cheomseongdae

2.07 MILES

Southeast of Tumuli-gongwon in the attractive sprawl of Wolseong-gongwon is the Far East’s oldest astrological observatory, constructed between AD 632 and…

8. Bonghwangdae

2.11 MILES

Sprouting huge trees of vast girth, this is the largest extant Silla tomb – 22m high, with a 250m circumference. It's quite a picture at any time put…