Hwaseong fortress in Suwon

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Hwaseong Haenggung


Sitting at the base of Paldal-san (143m), King Jeongjo’s palace was built in the late 18th century as a residence for when he visited to worship at his father's tomb. The palace was mostly destroyed during the Japanese colonial period and has been meticulously reconstructed. From March to November, various traditional performances are held at the plaza in front of the palace, including a changing-of-the-guard ceremony (2pm Sunday) and martial-arts display (11am Tuesday to Sunday).

Every October a grand royal procession is re-enacted here as part of Suwon’s annual festival.

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1. IPark Museum of Art

0.11 MILES

This contemporary-styled museum on the plaza in front of Hwaseong Haenggung hosts a variety of art-related exhibitions across its five galleries.

2. Suwon Hwaseong Museum

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Head to this modern museum to find out how detailed court records from 1801 were vital to ensure authenticity in the 1970s reconstruction process of Suwon…

3. Alternative Art Space Noon

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This vibrant little gallery exhibits local artists in a converted '70s home within Haenggung-dong Mural Village.

4. Hwaseong

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The World Heritage–listed fortress wall that encloses the original town of Suwon is what brings most travellers to the city. Snaking up and down Paldal…

5. Haenggung-dong Mural Village

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7. Ji-dong Mural Village

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There are more whimsical murals adorning the walls of houses here just outside the eastern wall of Suwon Hwaseong.

8. Mr Toilet House

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A contender for Korea's wackiest museum, Mr Toilet House is the former residence of Suwon's mayor, the late Sim Jae-duck. Appropriately designed like a…