Gyeongpo-ho & Gyeongpodae Pavilion

Historic Building in Gangneung

Immediately behind Gyeongpo Beach is Gyeongpo-ho, which attracts local residents looking for a little peace and quiet. There’s a 4km bicycle path along the lakeshore, passing traditional pavilions. The most prominent is Gyeongpodae, from which it is poetically said that you can see five moons: the moon itself and its four reflections in the sea (now obscured by pine trees), in the lake, in your obligatory glass of alcohol and in your own mind.

Look out for the huge stone rock carved with hanja characters '人無逺慮難成大業', which mean 'people who don't think far enough find it hard to achieve great things'.

A lovely Cherry Blossom Festival is held here in early April, which is really the time to go. If you just miss the cherry blossom, don't worry, the azaleas then flower and make for a gorgeous spectacle.

Rent a bike from any of the outfits to the north along the shore of the lake. Gyeongpodae is a short walk from the Chamsori Gramophone & Edison Museum.