Chamsori Gramophone & Edison Museum

Museum in Gangneung

This whimsical museum is a sheer delight. It combines the two loves of private collector Son Sung-Mok: gramophones and Thomas Edison. There are hundreds of antique gramophones (or phonographs, as Edison termed them) and music boxes, as well as a colourful collection of Edison’s other inventions and related devices, from cameras and kinetoscopes to toys, TVs and typewriters. Some of these items are the only one of their kind.

Though the tour is in Korean only, the guide demonstrates the use of some antique music boxes and other contraptions – good fun for children and anyone interested in ‘retro’ technology. Take bus 202 for Gyeongpo and get off at the Gyeongpo Beach stop (five minutes after Seongyojang), from where it's a five- to 10-minute walk back.