Anmok Beach


This fine beach strewn with golden sand and shells is framed between the blue, blue sea and a long line of cafes; it's a lovely place for a stroll, to feel the sea breeze in your hair and catch some rays. Buses 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 508, 509 or 510 can take you right there.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Gangneung attractions

1. Gyeongpo Beach

2.96 MILES

The largest beach on the east coast, and the third-busiest in South Korea, has 1.8km of flat, white sand bordered by pine trees and pleasant waters. It’s…

2. Gyeongpo-ho & Gyeongpodae Pavilion

3.26 MILES

Immediately behind Gyeongpo Beach is Gyeongpo-ho, which attracts local residents looking for a little peace and quiet. There’s a 4km bicycle path along…

3. Chamsori Gramophone & Edison Museum


This whimsical museum is a sheer delight. It combines the two loves of private collector Son Sung-Mok: gramophones and Thomas Edison. There are hundreds…

4. Gangneung Seongyojang

3.63 MILES

Dating to the late Joseon dynasty, this national cultural property was for 300 years the home of a yangban (aristocratic) family. It was built for a…

5. Ojukheon

3.93 MILES

Revered as the birthplace of the paragon of Korean womanhood, Sin Saimdang (1504–51), and her son, the philosopher and government official Yi Yulgok (1536…

6. Haslla Art World

5.72 MILES

Sitting atop a hill, this park has contemporary Korean sculptures set amid a pleasant 11-hectare garden with winding paths and boardwalks. On a clear day,…

7. Geumgang-sa

14.32 MILES

A Buddhist temple within Odaesan National Park.

8. Guryong Pokpo

14.73 MILES

A group of nine waterfalls, each representing a dragon that occupied it, according to one of the legends that swirls about.