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Gangneung (강릉), the largest city on the Gangwon-do coast, hosted many events of the 2018 Winter Olympics including figure and speed skating, ice hockey and curling.

Its appeal lies towards the sea, particularly near Gyeongpo, while its cultural hotspots – well-preserved Joseon-era buildings in the unmissable Ojukheon and the 400-year-old shamanist Dano Festival – are matched by quirky modern attractions, such as a museum lovingly dedicated to Thomas Edison and a North Korean submarine.

With a decent bar scene, the town is a good place to linger for a few days if you’re looking for an experience that’s off the beaten track without being too small-town. Try to arrive in spring, when azaleas cover the town in gorgeous splashes of color. The city tree is the pine, found in abundance by Gyeongpo Beach.

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