Cheongnyangsan Museum


A modest effort with artefacts related to the area’s agricultural history.

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Nearby Gyeongsangbuk-do attractions

1. Cheongnyang-sa

1.36 MILES

The largest temple in the park is Cheongnyang-sa. Built in AD 663, the temple is quite scenic, sitting in a steep valley below the cliffs. The are a…

2. Dosan Seowon

5.13 MILES

This sublime and hoary Confucian academy has a tranquil setting enveloped by mountains and perched over the river. The quiet, introspective halls are…

3. Andong Folklore Museum

16.05 MILES

Near the Andong Folk Village, this museum offers clear displays of Korea’s folk traditions from birth through to death.

4. Jebiwon Seokbul

16.32 MILES

The body and robes of this Buddha are carved on a boulder over 12m high – on top of which are the head and hair, carved out of two separate pieces of rock…

5. Andong Folk Village

16.32 MILES

On a hillside east of town and on the far side of Weolyeonggyo Bridge, Andong Folk Village is a repository for traditional homes moved to prevent them…

6. Weolyeonggyo Bridge

16.37 MILES

The longest pedestrian-only bridge in South Korea, this 387m-long partly wooden bridge spanning the Nakdong River is a good-looking crossing point to the…

7. Seven-Storey Brick Pagoda

17.36 MILES

Just east of town along the railway line, you will come to this beauty – the oldest and largest brick pagoda in Korea. At almost 17m in height, the pagoda…

8. Decorative Gate

17.96 MILES

When you see this small landmark gate, your tummy will know you're at Andong's Food St (Eumsigui-gil).