Wolchulsan National Park

National Park in Jeollanam-do

Though it's just 42 sq km in size, Korea’s smallest national park has crags, spires and unusually shaped rocks around every corner, as well as an 8m Buddha rock carving, steel stairways and a 52m steel bridge spanning two ridges. The popular route is the 8km, six-hour hike from Dogap-sa in the west to Cheonhwang-sa in the east (or vice versa) over the park's highest peak, Cheonhwang-bong (809m). Tracks are well signposted, but steep and strenuous in places due to the rocky terrain. Bring lots of water.

If you’re not up for a huge hike, head to the more popular Cheonhwang-sa end and hike an hour up a rocky path to the suspension bridge from where sprawling views of the surrounding country unfold.

From the small city of Yeongam (east of Mokpo), buses run the 11km to Dogap-sa (₩1400, 20 minutes, 9.30am and 4.30pm) in the west and the 4km to Cheonhwang-sa (₩1200, 10 minutes, 7.10am, 9am, 10.10am and 4.50pm). Consider taking a taxi from Yeongam.