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Mt Triglav

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At 2864m, Mount Triglav is Slovenia's highest peak and a symbol of the country itself. It appears on the country's flag and one of Slovenia's former presidents once stated that it was the duty of every citizen to stand on the summit at least once in their lives. It is a stunning mountain, dominating the largest national park in the country (also named Triglav), which is an exhilarating place for nature lovers to visit.

That said, ascending Triglav is not a weekend hike. It's a challenging climb, and the final path to the summit is a protected climbing route known as a via ferrata. These parts of the trail are secured with steel cables and fixed pegs, so if you don’t have high alpine hiking and via ferrata experience, you shouldn’t even consider hiking Triglav without hiring a certified guide to accompany you.

In addition, the weather can change rapidly and can differ dramatically as you climb, and it's not uncommon for even experienced climbers to lose their way and need assistance. Slovenia's mountain rescue publishes up-to-date information about Triglav on its website and social media – this is an invaluable resource for anyone enjoying outdoor activities in the country.

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