City Hall

Colonial District, the Quays & Marina Bay

It was here that Lord Louis Mountbatten announced the Japanese surrender in 1945 and that Lee Kuan Yew declared Singapore's independence in 1965. Today, City Hall and the neighbouring Old Supreme Court have found new verve as the impressive National Gallery Singapore. If you're particularly interested in the building's history and architecture, free guided tours are run daily via the National Gallery.

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1. National Gallery Singapore

0.03 MILES

Connected by a striking aluminium and glass canopy, Singapore's historic City Hall and Old Supreme Court buildings now form the city's breathtaking…

2. New Supreme Court

0.08 MILES

Singapore's New Supreme Court is a sci-fi statement co-designed by Sir Norman Foster's firm Foster + Partners.

3. Padang

0.09 MILES

This grassy field is home to the Singapore Cricket Club and Singapore Recreation Club. During WWII, the invading Japanese herded the European community…

4. St Andrew's Cathedral

0.12 MILES

Funded by Scottish merchants and built by Indian convicts, this wedding cake of a cathedral stands in stark contrast to the glass and steel surrounding it…

5. Parliament House

0.14 MILES

Often referred to as 'new Parliament', the building is situated behind the Old Parliament House. It was opened in 1999 and proceedings are open to the…

6. Old Parliament House

0.14 MILES

Built in 1826, the Old Parliament House is Singapore's oldest government building. Originally a private mansion, it became a courthouse, then the Assembly…

7. Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall

0.16 MILES

Completed in 1862, the Victoria Theatre was one of Singapore's first Victorian Revivalist buildings, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. It reopened in…

8. Lim Bo Seng Memorial

0.18 MILES

This 3.6m-high pagoda was built in tribute to Major-General Lim Bo Seng, a Singaporean WWII hero.