Lim Bo Seng Memorial

Colonial District, the Quays & Marina Bay

This 3.6m-high pagoda was built in tribute to Major-General Lim Bo Seng, a Singaporean WWII hero.

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1. Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall

0.09 MILES

Completed in 1862, the Victoria Theatre was one of Singapore's first Victorian Revivalist buildings, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. It reopened in…

2. Seeds

0.12 MILES

This large granite sculpture is by Singaporean sculpture Han Sai Por.

3. Asian Civilisations Museum

0.12 MILES

This remarkable museum houses the region's most comprehensive collection of pan-Asian treasures. Its galleries explore the history, cultures, textiles and…

4. Cavenagh Bridge

0.14 MILES

Built in 1869, this suspension bridge links the north and south banks of the Singapore River. Don't bring your horses or cattle as they will not be…

5. Old Parliament House

0.14 MILES

Built in 1826, the Old Parliament House is Singapore's oldest government building. Originally a private mansion, it became a courthouse, then the Assembly…

6. Padang

0.14 MILES

This grassy field is home to the Singapore Cricket Club and Singapore Recreation Club. During WWII, the invading Japanese herded the European community…

7. First Generation

0.14 MILES

Chong Fah Cheong’s First Generation is one of Singapore's best loved and most joyful sculptures, depicting five young boys leaping into the river below.

8. Merlion

0.14 MILES

Back in the 1980s, someone at the tourism board created a myth about a half fish, half lion, and the gawking tourists helped seal its status as an iconic …