Singapore in detail


You can flag down a taxi any time, but in the city centre taxis are technically not allowed to stop anywhere except at designated taxi stands.

Finding a taxi in the city at certain times is harder than it should be. These include during peak hours, at night, or when it’s raining. Many cab drivers change shifts between 4pm and 5pm, making it notoriously difficult to score a taxi then.

The fare system is also complicated, but thankfully it’s all metered, so there’s no haggling over fares. The basic flagfall is S$3 to S$3.40 then S$0.22 for every 400m.

There's a whole raft of surcharges to note, among them:

  • 50% of the metered fare from midnight to 6am
  • 25% of the metered fare between 6am and 9.30am Monday to Friday, and 6pm to midnight daily
  • S$5 for airport trips from 5pm to midnight Friday to Sunday, and S$3 at all other times
  • S$3 city-area surcharge from 5pm to midnight
  • S$2.30 to S$8 for telephone bookings

Payment by credit card incurs a 10% surcharge. You can also pay using your EZ-Link transport card. For a comprehensive list of fares and surcharges, visit

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