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$254.52 Day Trips & Excursions

Best of Western Serbia Day Trip from Belgrade

Western Serbia is the new Switzerland! First you will visit Stopica cave and then Terzica avlije village, whicih is open air museum of traditional way of life in this region. Stopica cave ranks among the most beautiful caves in Serbia and features the deepest rimstone pool in Serbia and is designated the Monument of Nature of the first category. Terzica Avlije offers a variety of interesting activities including summer school for learning traditional crafts such as pottery, knitting, mosaic-making, and graphic skills. In the village there is also an open air museum, or "ethno-village" known as the Old Village Museum, covering nearly 5 hectares with authentic elements of ordinary life collected from all over the Zlatibor region from the 19th century. The ethno-village displays a set of traditional wooden buildings, including a bakery, a dairy, and an inn, all in authentic form. Follows trip to famous old rustic Sargan eight train ride. It is a narrow-gauge railway that passes through numerous tunnels, over 5 bridges, and overcome the altitude difference of 300 meters, on a total distance of 15 kilometers.After ride you will visit ethno village Drvengrad (wooden city), built by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, who won twice Palm d’Or on Cannes film festival. Optional lunch at ethno restaurant, with diverse Serbian national specialties typical for Western Serbia and rakia drink of course.

$65.36 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Tour to pure nature of Zlatibor Mountain

After you meet your guide at your hotel or other place of your stay in Belgradea you'll continue together towards West. There is a pretty long drive from Belgrade to the first stop, but it won’t be boring at all, since the road lies through very picturesque places and you will enjoy them and our stories about them. Our first destination is Stopica Cave, one of the biggest and most impressive in Serbia. For tourists is opened a 500 meters distance while the whole length of the cave is three times more. You will be amazed with an extensive entrance and dimension of the halls, as well as with the beauty of the cascades and waterfalls, about which a local guide will tell you some interesting things. After the cave we drive to the village Sirogojno, where the ethnological open-air museum “Old Village” is settled. The museum is unique because there are authentic households from the XIX and early XX century preserved in original state and for initial purposes. Here you will see how a typical household in old Zlatibor looked and what was the occupation and mode of life of Zlatibor peasants. The third attraction we are planning to visit is the Gostilje waterfall. It is located in a remote place in the forest surrounded with beautiful untouched nature. The stream is coming on a 20 meters rock here and falls down along mossy stones spraying cold water around. Further the stream continues its running down, but not so steep, and creates a lot of little waterfalls, cascades and rapids. It is an ideal location for those who are searching for peace and quiet. At the end of our journey we have a lunch in a great restaurant Pecinar which is managed by the Pećinar family for six generations already. And after a magnificent lunch it’s time to return back to Belgrade.

$104.12 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private Multi-day Tour to Zlatibor Mountain and Sargan Eight Railroad

Meet your driver/guide at your Belgrade hotel early in the morning and depart in a climate-controlled vehicle for your private 2-day exploration of the West Serbian countryside. Stop by the slopes of Zlatibor Mountain at Stopića Cave, where water cascades from limestone basins. Continue to the village of Sirogojno, which functions as an ethnological open-air museum. Admire the authentic historical buildings.  Visit the idyllic Gostilje Waterfall, with its rushing rapids and cascades surrounded by lush nature. Pause for lunch at the Pećinar restaurant (price not included). Savor the local family-style cuisine. Continue to the center of Zlatibor for a stroll through its atmospheric streets, past vibrant cafes. Move on to Mokra Gora for your overnight stay. (Accommodation is not included in the price.) Begin your second day in Mokra Gora with breakfast and coffee (price not included) before catching the nostalgic train at the Sargan Eight railway station. Over the course of the 2.5-hour ride, admire views of Mokra Gora mountain from the train as it rolls through the countryside. Disembark at Kustendorf, a town built by the filmmaker Emir Kusturica for his movie ‘Life Is A Miracle.’ Stroll through the town, with a museum, a church, a library, a hotel, and a restaurant, as well as streets named after Kusturica’s heroes like Nikola Tesla, Che Guevara, and Federico Fellini. Break for lunch (not included) at a restaurant called Lotika in Kustendorf. Afterward, return to Belgrade in your private vehicle.

$69.41 Day Trips & Excursions

Visegrad, Andricgrad and Drvengrad tour from Sarajevo

Visegrad is town on the Drina river in eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This small town is full of pretty streets but we will dedicate our visit to The Old Stone Bridge, the endowment of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. In the ascendant of his powers, he ordered that the most beautiful bridge must be built in Visegrad on the Drina river. The main architect of the bridge was Mimar Sinan, the greatest architect of the Otoman empire. The Bridge is one of the most important national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was entered in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2007. Ivo Andric, Winner of the 1961 Nobel Prize in Literature, wrote the famous novel "The Bridge on the Drina". The Bridge symbolizes strength, permanence and stability in spite of all disasters. Just nearby this famous bridge is another tourist attraction - Andricgrad, a project of a famous film director Emir Kusturica, inspired by works and characters of mentioned famous writer, nobel prize winner. It is a tourist, cultural, administrative and educational complex, situated on a peninsula between the rivers Drina and Rzav. It is actually a vision of how Visegrad would have looked like if the Renaissance and other historical periods had not gone by it. Before we cross the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia we will visit Dobrun monastery. It is dedicated to the Annunciation and was built in 1343 by Duke Pribil and his sons Stefan and Petar. It was entirely fresco decorated. We will finish the tour by visiting third place - Ethno Village Drvengrad. Drvengrad means wooden town and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. It is located in the Zlatibor region in a nature park Mokra Gora, in Serbia. It's a traditional village, built by mentioned film director Emir Kusturica. Drvengrad is also traditional village in its shape and structure. After received Philippe Rotthier European Architecture award in 2005 Drvengrad was pronounced the best architectural achievement in Europe in the previous 3 years. The village gained a status of a 4 star town hotel complex. Since 2008, every year the village hosts Kustendorf Film and Music Festival. Kusturica has built a cozy little piece of heaven where everyone can find some relaxing distractions from their everyday life. If You are interested in old architecture, or You are traveling across Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia You should definitely visit Visegrad, Andricgrad and Drvengrad at least for one day.

$79.83 Day Trips & Excursions

Mokra Gora Drvengrad and Sargan 8 Railroad

Drive from Belgrade to Mokra gora, a village in Serbia on the northern slopes of mountain Zlatibor. Emphasis on historical reconstruction has made it into a popular tourist center with unique attractions. Mokra Gora has become popular after a reconstruction of a narrow gauge railway called Sargan Eight, famous for its number 8 shape. It is narrow-gauge railway that passes through 22 tunnels, over 5 bridges, and overcome the altitude difference of 300 meters, on a total distance of 15 kilometers. After drive along Sargan Eight railway through beautiful sceneries you will visit  Drvengrad ethno complex. This traditional village was built by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica (who won twice Palm d’Or on Cannes film festival) and it is a place where winter film festival Küstendorf is held every year. Note: from November 1st until March 31st Sargan 8 railroad is closed for visits. Instead of train ride, you will visit Zlatibor mountain, one of the most popular leisure destinations in Serbia.