Al Thumairi Gate


Sitting at the mouth of what was once Riyadh's western fringe in the neighbourhood of Ad Dirah, this reconstructed old city gate, made of mud and wood, has a small tower beside it, which can be climbed for a great view down Al Thumairi St. The gate sits close to the Masmak Fortress, where King Abdul Aziz retook the capital in 1902 to establish the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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1. Masmak Fortress

0.14 MILES

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2. Clock Tower

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This unusual green and white clock tower in the shape of an Egyptian needle sits at the western end of Al Thumairi St in the old Riyadh neighbourhood of…

3. Riyadh Water Tower


Until the year 2000, when the Al Faisaliah Tower was built, this was Riyadh's tallest landmark. It remains prominent today, and you can climb to the top…

4. National Museum

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5. King Abdullah Park

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6. Riyadh Zoo

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