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The Danube Delta & Black Sea Coast

Romania's 194km Black Sea coastline is remarkably diverse, both from an environmental and a cultural standpoint. In the north, the mighty Danube River (Râul Dunărea) empties into the sea after completing its 2800km-long journey across the continent. The river's mouth, the Danube Delta, is a largely unspoilt wetland that draws bird lovers and seekers of solitude alike. It's a fantastic, tangled network of ever-eroding canals, riverbeds and marshlands with remote fishing villages and stretches of deserted coast.

Further south, around Constanţa, a string of lively beach resorts draws a different kind of wildlife altogether. Everywhere you go you'll find evidence of Romania's long historical connections to ancient Greece and Rome, as well as surviving pockets of more recent Turkish, Tatar and Lippovani/Old Believer cultures.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout The Danube Delta & Black Sea Coast.