Porta da Vila


The main gate of Óbidos' historic centre bears the King João IV-ordered inscription, 'A Virgem Nossa Senhora foi concebida sem pecado original' ('The Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin'). The gate features a chapel and a gorgeous blue-and-white-tiled baroque balcony. It dates to around 1380.

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1. Muro de Óbidos

Óbidos' dramatic, fully intact Moorish wall imposingly surrounds the historical centre of town and stretches in a completed loop of 1560m, all of which…

2. Aqueduto de Óbidos

0.15 MILES

The impressive 3km-long aqueduct, southeast of the main gate, dates from the 16th century.

3. Museu Municipal

0.15 MILES

Located in an 18th-century manor house just next to Igreja de Santa Maria, the town’s museum houses a small collection of paintings spanning several…

4. Igreja de Santa Maria

0.17 MILES

The town’s elegant main church, near the northern end of Rua Direita, stands out for its interior, with a wonderful painted ceiling and walls done up in…

5. Castelo de Óbidos

0.27 MILES

You can walk around the unprotected muro (wall) for uplifting views over the town and surrounding countryside. The walls date from Moorish times (later…

6. Santuário do Senhor da Pedra

0.54 MILES

Below town this imposing, if a little ramshackle, church is an 18th-century baroque gem in need of some tender loving care. It's worth the stroll down…

7. Bacalhôa Buddha Eden


What have the Taliban got to do with a rural winery 12km south of Óbidos? Well, when they blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan in 2001, the…

8. Baleal

9.69 MILES

About 5km to the northeast of Peniche is this scenic island-village, connected to the mainland village of Casais do Baleal by a narrow causeway (note: it…