Top choice in Peniche

While in Peniche, make sure you do the 8km circuit of the whole headland (walking is hot going, however, as much of it is on the road). At Cabo Carvoeiro, the very tip, there's a lighthouse and spectacular views of a rock stack and the Berlenga islands, as well as an excellent restaurant.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Peniche attractions

1. Museu da Renda de Bilros

1.38 MILES

For those interested in the Peniche tradition of bobbin lace, this museum, inaugurated in 2016, offers an interesting glimpse into this traditional…

2. Escola de Rendas de Bilros


At this school attached to Peniche’s turismo building, you can watch the nimble (and chatty) ladies in action as the organised 'chaos' of their bobbins…

3. Fortaleza de Peniche

1.44 MILES

Dominating the south of the peninsula, Peniche’s imposing 16th-century fortress was used in the 20th century as one of dictator Salazar’s infamous jails…

4. Baleal

3.59 MILES

About 5km to the northeast of Peniche is this scenic island-village, connected to the mainland village of Casais do Baleal by a narrow causeway (note: it…

5. Muro de Óbidos

13.22 MILES

Óbidos' dramatic, fully intact Moorish wall imposingly surrounds the historical centre of town and stretches in a completed loop of 1560m, all of which…

6. Porta da Vila

13.22 MILES

The main gate of Óbidos' historic centre bears the King João IV-ordered inscription, 'A Virgem Nossa Senhora foi concebida sem pecado original' ('The…

7. Museu Municipal

13.24 MILES

Located in an 18th-century manor house just next to Igreja de Santa Maria, the town’s museum houses a small collection of paintings spanning several…

8. Castelo de Óbidos

13.26 MILES

You can walk around the unprotected muro (wall) for uplifting views over the town and surrounding countryside. The walls date from Moorish times (later…