Casa Museu Passos Canavarro

Top choice in Ribatejo

Right by the Portas do Sol and sharing some of the same privileged views, this is a unique place to visit for lovers of art and beauty. The historic house, once home to 19th-century liberal politician Passos Manuel, is stocked with artistic treasures and curios, from Japanese furniture and netsuke (miniature sculptures) to 16th-century maps and collections of 20th-century art.

But the best part about it is that you are shown around by the multilingual, urbane and delightful owner-inhabitant, Pedro Canavarro, who still sleeps in the same room in which he was born. If you give yourself and your time over to Canavarro, a direct descendant of Passos and an art historian among other things, you will be fascinated and delighted by his personal explanations and love for the items in his home, which is what makes this such an enchanting place to visit.