Morasko Meteorite Reserve


Great balls of fire! Just 10km north of the centre of Poznań is the Morasko Meteorite Reserve, one of just two registered meteorite impact sites in Europe. The idea of flaming space rock crash-landing in the peaceful forest here may seem bizarre, but that’s exactly what happened roughly 10,000 years ago, and eight craters are still clearly visible, some filled with water.

The largest crater is over 100m across and 13m in depth, and while it’s overgrown enough not to look like the surface of the moon, the extent of the dent is still pretty impressive.

To get to the reserve you can catch tram 12 or 14 from the train station to the Osledle Sobieskiego tram terminus and follow the 4km walking trail, or change to bus 902 (roughly hourly), which stops at the reserve.

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