If this stout palm tree growing out of the centre of the De Gaulle roundabout seems like a horticultural anomaly, you'd be correct: it's an artwork with a trunk of steel and polyethylene fronds. Entitled Greetings from Jerusalem, the palm, created by Joanna Rajkowska, was unveiled in 2002 and has since become a beloved city landmark.

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2. Kora Mural

0.05 MILES

Bruno Althamer painted this walled mural of the rock star Kora, who died of ovarian cancer in 2018. The image's clever integration with a nearby tree will…

3. National Museum

0.17 MILES

Drawing on a collection of some 830,000 works of art, both local and international, this is Poland's largest museum. It will come as a revelation for…

4. Polish Army Museum

0.22 MILES

Tracing the history of the Polish armed forces since the 10th century, this museum is one for military enthusiasts. There's not a whole lot of English…

5. St Alexander's Church

0.22 MILES

Destroyed during WWII, this church was rebuilt to its original early-19th-century design inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Inside, look to the left of the…

6. Fryderyk Chopin Museum

0.34 MILES

This multimedia museum within the baroque Ostrogski Palace showcases the work of Poland’s most famous composer. You’re encouraged to take your time…

7. ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture

0.37 MILES

Occupying a revamped 1960s building on which hangs a wonderful retro neon sign, this exhibition and information space promotes aspects of Warsaw's built…

8. Chopin Mural

0.37 MILES

Designed by Marcin Urbanek, this mural is dedicated to Warsaw's favourite musical son and was painted in 2010 to mark the bicentenary of the composer's…